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IRS launches "Get My Payment" tool

The Internal Revenue Service launched today, April 15, 2020, an online tool called "Get My Payment".

Go to:

Track the status of your payment

The tool can provide the payment amount, scheduled delivery date, and method of delivery. You will need to use your Social Security number, date of birth, and mailing address on your tax return to use the tool.

Be sure you are at the official website before typing in this information!

This tool is updated daily, usually overnight, so if you don't see the tracking information about your payment, you can try again the following day.

Add bank account information for direct deposit

If your payment has not already been processed, you will need to further verify your identity using the AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) from your most recent tax return (either 2018 or 2019), the refund or balance due on that return, and banking information submitted with that return. You will then be able to add a new bank account for direct deposit of your Economic Impact Payment.

Watch out for scams!

The IRS will not call, text, or email you for any information. Do not respond to any requests claiming to be the IRS by any other means than good ol' fashioned mail.

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